OUR 5M Methodology



Your Go-Live team meets with your team to get up to speed on your understanding of your Users, Market, and Product.

Your Go-Live team conducts a Competitive Analysis that uncovers existing solutions your target users are using to solve their problems.

Your Go-Live team leads you through a User Persona Workshop where you set initial assumptions about what your users need.


Your Go-Live UX Research team heads to the field and recruits users to test assumptions you set in the User Persona Workshop.

You get updated User Personas, Scenarios, and Workflows. 

Your product team is led through a Agile Quadrant Workshop by a Go-Live UX Principal Consultant. You prioritize features that deliver maximum value to your users and business.


Your Go-Live Team iterates through multiple cycles of Manifest, Measure, & Modify.

In this phase the information architecture of your product is built. Navigation priorities and placements are defined. Interaction designs are produced. A working product prototype is completed and enriched with a complete UI Design.


our Go-Live team takes the designs from the manifest phase and performs usability tests, user testing, captures and evaluates user analytics, and conducts user surveys.

A panel of Go-Live Consultants perform a heuristic evaluation and cognitive walk through to QA your designs.


During the modify iteration phase, your Go-Live team works with you to develop competitive benchmarks that measure your products performance and user sentiment.

We help you create a change management process that ensures smooth feature discontinuation and adoption. You discover product issues that we’ve found through quantitative and qualitative studies and plan out the next sprint cycle.

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