UI/UX Solutions

Score Quick, Big, and Continuous wins over the competition with Go-Live Labs on your side.

UX Evaluation

Starts at $15K

1 to 2 Weeks

User Researcher, Interaction Designer, Principal UX Consultant

Have a team of UX Experts examine your product’s interface for user experience issues and compare your product to your top 3 competitors. We’ll complete a holistic UX Evaluation & Analysis and Competitive Benchmarking Processes.

You’ll get a Heuristic Evaluation Report-containing actionable insight you can pass directly to your design/development team. A Cognitive Walkthrough Report showing you how to optimize your user workflows and journeys. A competitive analysis report detailing how you can get a leg up on your competition. We’ll also submit a navigation and interaction redesign proposal.

Architecture & Design

Starts at $15K to $30K

4 to 6 Weeks

Interaction Designer, Principal UX Consultant, Information Architect, Visual Designer, Interface Designer

In just 6 weeks you’ll get a brand new design you can take to customers with increased navigability, enhanced interactions, and a visually stunning interface design guaranteed to wow your customers, investors, and founding team.

You’ll get an optimized information architecture, interactive interface, all files from our rapid prototyping exercises, complete application UI kit(mobile, web, and responsive supported), and a visual design style guide.

User Research

Starts at $15K to $120K

6 to 12 Weeks

2-4 User Researchers, Principal UX Consultant

Get deep insight into the mental models of your customers. We’ll conduct a custom mix of user surveys, user interviews, task analysis, user workshops, and ethnographic studies.

You’ll get a detailed set of User Personas that will help everyone from your marketing to your engineering team to understand your customers pain faster than they could have alone. The persona report will contain User Stories that shed light into the context of your customers problems. A task analysis report containing workflows mapping optimal task sequencing. You’ll also get research artifacts such as video clips, photos, key quotes, and user sketches. As well as all quantitative and qualitative data we collected.

UI Engineering

Starts at $30K to $240K

6 to 12 Weeks

2-4 Front End Developers, 2-4 Back End Developers, Principal UX Consultant

Focus on getting customers while you engage our expert team in building your product. We’ll handle front end engineering, server side engineering, RESTful APIs design, and SQL / No SQL Db design. Our development capabilities include: AngularJS, React.js, JQuery, AJAX, HTML5, & CSS3.

Depending on your needs we can build as little as a few features to as much as your entire product for you. Just let us know what you need.

User Testing & Usability Studies

Starts at $15K to $240K

2-12 Weeks

We offer moderated testing, remote testing, unmoderated testing, and usability benchmarking.

Usability testing report & data. Usability Benchmarking report.

User Centered Design

We continually test, validate, or invalidate our design decisions at every step of your project lifecycle. We do this during the rapid prototyping phase by running user workshops, during the visual design phase using UX Pass (our user feedback tool), and during UI development by using UserTesting.com

01 Rapid Prototyping

02 Visual Design

03 UI Development


  1. Understand your users’ needs
  2. Understand your users’ workflows
  3. Map your users’ mental models
  4. Make your information architecture intuitive for your users
  5. Integrate your interaction design with your information architecture


  1. Define your brand
  2. Choose colors & typography
  3. Create asset libraries
  4. Define UI element size and placement
  5. Enhance navigability and influence user actions. 


  1. Implement Interaction Design
  2. Implement the Product UI Kit
  3. Optimize the user experience
  4. Run moderated testing and collect user data
  5. Run unmoderated & remote testing


  1. User Personas, Scenarios & Stories
  2. User Workflow Diagrams
  3. Information Architecture Wireframe
  4. Interaction Design Wireframe


  1. Retina Ready Product UI Kit
  2. Visual Design Style Guide
  3. Clickable Interactive Mockup
  4. Application Icons & Asset Library


  1. Functional Product Prototype
  2. Usability Testing Report, Presentation, & Data. 

Service Capabilities

Custom UI/UX Service Solutions

You get a custom service package. Just choose from any of our services below. Custom Solutions start at $15K

Evaluation Services

Heuristic Evaluation
Cognitive Walkthrough
Competitive Analysis

Design Services

Information Architecture
Interaction Design
Interface Design

Research Services

User Surveys
User Interviews

User Testing Services

Moderated Testing
Remote Testing
Unmoderated Testing

UI Engineering Services

Front End Engineering
Rapid Prototyping
Mobile Applications
Responsive Design

Server Side Integration Services

Server Side Engineering
MySQL, Cassandra

Engagement Process

01: Phone Consultation

Engaging with Go-Live Labs starts with an initial call discussing your company, product, and engagement goals.

02: Consultation Meeting

We’ll join you and your team to discuss your perspective on your users, your UX processes, as well as, your concerns, product objectives, and priorities.

03: Engagement Proposal

Based on our understanding of your needs we’ll draft a written engagement proposal and send it to you for review. The proposal will contain pricing, duration, services, and deliverables information.

Engagement Proposal

Go-Live Labs and Client will determine the scope, price, resource requirements, deliverable materials, and performance period prior to starting engagement. All information will be compiled into a SOW which will be sent to the client for approval.

Period of Performance

A period of performance for services contracted shall be set and agreed upon prior to engagement start.

Engagement Resources

Resource requirements shall be determined by client and contractor.

Scope of Work

A scope of work will be determined and agreed upon by client and contractor prior to engagement start.

Deliverable Materials

Deliverable materials shall be determined and agreed upon by client and contractor prior to engagement start.

Client Responsibilities

  1. Provide all necessary support and information to Go-Live Lab, including user personas, stories, and workflows.
  2. Maintain point of contact
  3. Attend project update meetings

Fee Schedule

Engagements shall be conducted on a Time & Materials basis.

Invoice Procedures

Client will be invoiced weekly for services. Invoices will be submitted by email and are due upon receipt. Payments that are not received within 30-days from date of invoice will be subject to a 3% penalty per 30-day period.

Completion Criteria

Go-Live Labs shall have fulfilled its obligations when any one of the following first occurs.

  • Contractor accomplishes the Contractor activities described within this SOW, including delivery to Client of the materials listed in the Section entitled “Deliverable Materials,” and Client accepts such activities and materials without unreasonable objections. No response from Client within 2-business days of deliverables being delivered by Contractor is deemed acceptance.
  • Contractor and/or Client has the right to cancel services or deliverables not yet provided with 15 business days advance written notice to the other party.

Project Change Request Procedure

The following process will be followed if a change to the work agreement is required:

  1. A Project Change Request must be drafted describing the change, the rationale for the change, and the effect the change will have on the project.
  2. Both parties most review the proposed change and approve it for further investigation or reject it.
  3. If the change is approved for investigation, effects on price, schedule, and other agreement terms will be discussed.
  4. If both parties agree to the impact of the proposed change a Change Authorization will be executed.

Evaluation Services FAQ

FAQ: Heuristic Evaluation

What is a Heuristic Evaluation?

Our Heuristic evaluation has a group of our User Experience Experts review your product’s interface and compare it against a set of established usability principles based on decades of user experience research.

What’s in the Heuristic Evaluation Report?

The report contains discussions, best practices, and recommended solutions regarding a range of areas. You’ll get expert diagnoses of how well your system gives feedback to your customers, how well it matches a standard mental model, how much freedom the system provides your users, how consistent your system is, how good it is at preventing errors, how easy it makes it to remember information, how easy to learn it is for the first time user, how to make it more aesthetic and minimalist, how well it helps users recognize diagnose and recover from errors, and how easy the documentation (if needed) is to follow.

What will I gain from a Heuristic Evaluation?

The results from a heuristic evaluation can tell you many things. You’ll learn if your assumptions about your customers mental models are correct-giving you the insight needed to pivot. You also learn how good your system is at activating early users-if you’re seeing low conversions from your free users to paid customers a heuristic evaluation can tell you where you need to focus to bring your numbers up. If you’re experiencing issues with retaining users a heuristic evaluation can point out areas where the application is causing user friction-friction that adds up into dissatisfied customers that look for other solutions.

How long does the Heuristic Evaluation take to complete?

Depending on the complexity of your product, the Heuristic evaluation can take anywhere from 2 to 7 working days.

How many resources are working on the Heuristic Evaluation?

We assign a team of at least 3 of our User Researchers to complete your Heuristic Evaluation. All of their findings are compiled into the Heuristic Evaluation Report.

FAQ: Cognitive Walkthrough

What is a Cognitive Walkthrough?

When conducting a Cognitive Walkthrough, a group of our User Experience Experts work through user tasks and ask questions from the perspective of your users. The Cognitive Walkthrough is used to understand your product’s learnability for new users. We recommend a cognitive walkthrough if upon completing the heuristic evaluation, we find that your system violates learnability heuristics. A cognitive walkthrough is built on 4 fundamental questions regarding expectations of user behavior:

  1. Will the user try to achieve the right affect?
  2. Will the user notice that the correct action is available?
  3. Will the user associate the correct action with the effect to be achieved?
  4. If the correct action is performed, will the user see that progress is being made toward the solution of the task?

What’s in the Cognitive Walkthrough Report?

The cognitive walkthrough report contains discussions about the usability of your product, best practices, and task analyses. The report will begin with a task flow diagram listing each task examined in sequential order. The report contains a success story or failure story based analysis of each task in your user workflow. This means that as our researcher walks through the user workflow, she asks herself the 4 fundamental questions regarding expectations of user behavior. If all questions can be answered affirmatively, our researcher writes a success story for the task. If any of the questions are answered in the negative, our researcher writes a failure story for the tas in which she discusses why the user may be unable to accomplish the task due to the interface design.

What will I gain from a Cognitive Walkthrough?

The cognitive walkthrough will provide you with a detailed analysis of your user workflows. If you’re experiencing user drop off in certain tasks-the cognitive walkthrough will provide solutions that should stem the flow of users away from your application. The results from the cognitive walkthrough will provide information that will directly improve user retention and activation.

How long does the Cognitive Walkthrough take to complete?

Depending on the complexity of your product the Cognitive Walkthrough could take 2 to 3 working days to complete.

How many resources are working on the Cognitive Walkthrough?

We assign a team of 2-4 User Researchers to Cognitive walkthrough projects. Their findings are compiled in the cognitive walkthrough report.

FAQ: Competitive Analysis

What is a Competitive Analysis?

We conduct a competitive analysis to measure how strong your product’s user experience is when compared to your top 3 competitors. We use a custom designed set of competitive criteria to complete your analysis.

What’s in the Competitive Analysis Report?

The competitive analysis report will give you data about how your major competition is managing user experience. The report will also contain a user experience gap analysis discussing where your product wins and loses to your competition. The report will also contain discussions regarding solving product gaps. A spreadsheet and other diagrams are also included in the report to make it easy to scan.

What will I gain from a Competitive Analysis?

If you’re considering a major rebuild, a competitive analysis will give you perspective about what you’ll need to gain a competitive edge through user experience. If you have an established product, a annual or bi-annual competitive analysis will keep you aware of user experience trends in your industry.

How long does the Competitive Analysis take to complete?

Depending on the complexity of your product a competitive analysis can take 2-5 working days to complete.

How many resources are working on the Competitive Analysis?

Depending on the complexity of your product we assign 1-4 User Researchers to your competitive analysis.

Design Services FAQs

FAQ: Information Architecture

What is Information Architecture?

Information architecture forms a foundation for user experience design. Executing good information architecture requires careful consideration of the structure and language of your organization and customers. The information architecture is not part of the user interface, but rather is the skeleton over which the interface is built.

What’s in the Information Architecture Deliverable?

We deliver a completed redesigned information architecture. The information architecture is delivered in spreadsheet and diagram format.

What will I gain from Information Architecture Design?

Your product’s content structure will be organized in a manner consistent with your user’s needs and expectations. Having your information architecture optimized will encourage users to take desirable actions-like buying your product, signing up for your newsletter,  or reading a blog post.

How long does Information Architecture Design take to complete?

Depending on the complexity of your product the Information Architecture can take 5 to 10 working days to complete.

How many resources are working on Information Architecture Design?

Typically, we assign a Principal UX Consultant, Interaction Designer, & Information Architect to your project.

FAQ: Interaction Design

What is Interaction Design?

While information architecture creates the underlying content skeleton of your interface, an interaction design creates the engagement. We begin by understanding how customers in your market communicate and use technology to solve their problems and accomplish their goals. We forecast how your users will interact with your system and create an intuitive interaction that delivers customer delight.

What’s in the Interaction Design Deliverable?

There are two components to the Interaction Design Deliverable the report and the design. The written report contains discussions & examples in 6 area. First we define how your customers interact with your interface. Second we devise methods to lead users to desired actions through interaction. Third, we create interaction processes that anticipate and mitigate user errors. Fourth, we develop ideas for system feedback to users and your product’s response time to actions. Fifth,  we roadmap a design element strategy that considers element size, edges, and interaction standards. Sixth, we simplify the interaction for optimal learnability.

The Design contains wireframes and mockups.

What will I gain from Interaction Design?

Our interaction design will make your customers’ user experiences intuitive. This means that you’ll experience increased user retention, faster feature adoption, and minimize friction.

How long does Interaction Design take to complete?

Depending on the complexity of your product the Interaction Design may take 3 to 5 working days to complete.

How many resources are working on Interaction Design?

A Principal UX Consultant, Interaction Designer, and Front End Developer are involved.

FAQ: Interface Design

What is Interface Design?

Users have become familiar interface elements looking, behaving, and functioning a certain way. We manage the delicate balance between consistent/predictable layout and striking visuals for your Interface design. Your interface will not only be visually compelling but will also improve your customers’ task completion, use efficiency, and product satisfaction.

What’s in the Interface Design Deliverable?

The deliverable contains interface elements such as input controls, navigational components, information component, and containers. As well as high fidelity and low fidelity mockups. We map out and design every single screen, interaction, and animation. You also get a full custom built UI Kit for your product. We can provide the deliverables as PSD, AI, JPEG, PNG, and PDF. All High Fidelity components are retina ready and specced for mobile, web, and responsive designs. You’ll also get a visual design style guide documenting all colors we used, typography, and font size.

What will I gain from Interface Design?

You’ll get an interface design that is simply, void of unnecessary elements, with clear language. Your product will have a consistent feel that makes users comfortable. You product will have a purposeful layout that draws attention to the most important parts of the page and is easy to scan and read. Your product’s design will use color, light, contrast, and texture to direct attention where you want it-improving your conversions. We’ll also handle your product’s typography, system error communications, and default settings that reduce user workloads.

How long does Interface Design take to complete?

Depending on the complexity of your product the interface design can take 5 to 10 working days to complete.

How many resources are working on Interface Design?

A Principal UX Consultant, Interface Designer, Interaction Designer, and Visual Designer will be involved.

Research Services FAQs

FAQ: User Surveys

What are User Surveys?

Release a recent redesign? Change your branding? Looking to release a new feature? User surveys will show your customers preferences, attitudes, characteristics, and opinions about your product. You can use our surveys to gather feedback about features of your beta product, understand why people come to your website, or evaluate the usability of your system.

What’s in the User Survey Deliverable?

You’ll get charts/graphs, text analysis, statistical analysis, and access to the raw data we collected. You’ll also get user personas, stories, and scenarios.

What will I gain from the User Survey?

You’ll better understand end users and design a better product. Running a user survey will reduce the risk of designing a wrong or poor solution. A user survey can also provide your stakeholders with confidence about your product design.

How long does the User Survey take to complete?

Depending on your required sample size the user survey could take 1 to 5 working days to complete.

How many resources are working on the User Survey?

We assign a User Researcher and a Principal UX Consultant to the engagement.

FAQ: User Interviews

What are User Interviews?

User Interviews can be used as a standalone or as a supplemental service to User Surveys. When used in conjunction with user surveys, user interviews discover details and reasons behind the answers your users gave on the survey. We conduct individual interviews where an interviewer talks with one user for 30 minutes to an hour. We can conduct interviews over the phone, video conference, face to face, or through an instant messaging system.

What’s in the User Interview Deliverable?

You’ll get a User Interview Report containing descriptive, inferential, and evaluative qualitative interview data presented in word clouds and mind maps. The report will also contain discussions about the ethnographic data regarding the user, the use of technology by your user, the user of the product by your user, your user’s main objectives and motivations, and your user’s pain points. You’ll also get a video recording of the interview.

What will I gain from a User Interview?

You’ll have a deep understanding of how users solve their problem currently. As well as User Stories about times when their problem was extremely difficult or a solution worked extremely well. You’ll also get user personas, stories, and scenarios.

How long does a User Interview take to complete?

A User Interview will typically take 1 working day to complete.

How many resources are working on a User Interview?

A User Researcher and Principal UX Consultant will be involved.

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