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Learn User Experience Design, Leverage the Expert Advice of UX Boost Mentors, & Become a Better Entrepreneur

Learn User Experience and User Interface Design from UX Experts

As a member of UX Boost you get free weekly videos, webinars, and written content that teaches you everything you need to know about UX. You’ll learn from our UI UX Consultants who have worked with some of the hottest startups and enterprise companies in the Bay Area. UX Boost is split into “4 Boosts.” Each boost is delivered through a mix of video content, webinars, and articles.

Boost 1: Ideate

Learn to map out your initial experience assumptions, where to begin your design, and how to plan out your UX process. You’ll be able drive timelines and focus your team on your users.

Boost 2: Build

You’ll learn the visual design, interaction design, and information architecture skills you need to build mockups, prototypes, and wireframes.

Boost 3: Test

This is the #1 UX skill and it fits in perfectly with Eric Ries’ Lean Startup. You’ll learn how to create meaningful UX tests that drive growth and push PMF.

Boost 4: Iterate

You’ll master the strategy level secrets to kick user experience into overdrive and become a better entrepreneur.

Leverage the Expertise Available in Our Mentor Network

You’ll have access to our entire mentor network. Whether your still iterating toward product market fit or are looking to optimize existing core business drivers-you’ll have access to UI UX Expert mentors that have seen it all. Your mentors will be available to you anytime at every step of the way.

Let’s build amazing user experiences together.

User Experience is everything. It always has been.

Evan Williams — Twitter Co-Founder

Become a Better Entrepreneur-access a rich network of Founders, Designers, and Developers.

Get special access to our online UX Boost community. Network with other founders, designers, and developers in our UX Boost community. If you need to bring someone onto your team to do visual design, interface design, or development you’ll be able to find them there.

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